View Full Version : Google's "PhotoScan" app is a Thanksgiving gift for us all

11.16.16, 11:15 AM
Check out Google's new "PhotoScan" app for Android and IOS. It is the coolest thing for grabbing copies of old family photos! Amazing.

If you've ever tried to capture an old family photo with your phone camera, you know that it rarely comes out the way you'd like. This app changes the situation entirely.

It's very, very simple to use. The app provides a target frame on your screen, and you align the picture that you want to scan inside the frame. Then tap the start button and the app guides you to tilt your phone to line up a blue circle with four white dots. When you've hit all four dots, the scan completes and the picture is sent off to the cloud for processing. It only takes a few seconds, and an amazing scan comes back.