View Full Version : If you have children.....

11.11.16, 3:18 PM
....and they ask you how come all the things we fought and protested for dissolved under President Trump, here is my answer.
We believed that society learned from its past mistakes and moved on and people worked to make society a better place.
We thought those who still cling to the old ideas would eventually die out.
But instead, they lied in wait, they slowly leaked their ideas back into the mainstream until the day their racism was acceptable again.

When they came out in public, we thought they were fringe lunatics.
They protested at funerals and we thought we could ignore them and they will go away.
They called us baby killers, they called us anti-God, they called us socialists and Nazis, they said our party had a history of racism.
They called us lazy, have men that act like women, they called us people who don't have real jobs, let alone a clue.
They called us criminals, but would look the other way when they commit the same crime.
When they said they were going to patrol the streets of Sanford, we worried about the Black Panthers.
There were people that said we were just like them but never saw all this.

Now they have guns, they have the House, they have the Senate, they have the White House, what were once seen as fringe lunatics are now in the halls of government.