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11.11.16, 1:49 PM
(That subject line was for you Kris :pinkyz: )

Not since the advent of Facebook have I heard so many people threatening to quit using it.
Mostly due to the harsh words being tossed back and forth about the recent election.
The truth is, one side is always bitter and unhappy after an election. Two people have a chance, two sides form and one side wins.

The most effective vehicle for change is YOU.
If you donít like what is happening in the world, do something to change it.
Organize a voter education program in your community so that next time we will have more informed voters at the polls.
If you think the President elect will steer our country towards racism and bigotry, invest yourself in something that will counteract that.

Change only comes when people take action.
I can guarantee you one thing, pissing and moaning about the sad state of affairs on the internet will never change anything.

11.11.16, 2:58 PM
I totally agree. I stayed off for awhile because of the whining. Get a grip people. The conservatives kept quiet and peaceful during the last two elections. I have so many friends that just stopped posting this week and a lot of others who just unfollowed friends. Don't get me started on the violence our in the streets.

11.11.16, 3:05 PM
Whining will get people nowhere.
Predicting doom and gloom will get people nowhere.
If people are really fed up with the political machine in this country, they need to get out there and do something to change it.

If we could take all of the energy expended in the whining, protesting and rioting and channel it into something positive, we would be well on
the way to better days.

11.11.16, 3:40 PM
I'm so sick of it. The sad part is that my family are the ones who are irritating me the most. And the only response I have for any of them is.... "Jeepers!" :winkq:

11.11.16, 4:00 PM
... The sad part is that my family are the ones who are irritating me the most....

Ugh. It's such a sad feeling.

These are not MY cousins!

11.11.16, 6:31 PM
There are always going to be people who "believe in the other side".

The point I was trying to make with my original post is that what's done is done.
Now, people need to take action in order to initiate change.
Not the action of protesting or rioting.
Not the action of whining incessantly on the internet.
But real action.

If you see a need for change, go out there and be a part of that change.
That is the only way that things improve.

I think part of the reason that we have become a nation who would participate in an election like this, that offered two awful candidates; is
that people just sit at home hiding behind their computer screens instead of taking action to make some kind of positive change.

If we all tried to be a part of something positive, instead of something negative; I think the world/our country would become a much better place.

11.11.16, 6:44 PM
You're right, MTJ. I totally agree.

#GrieveThenOrganize for change in 2018.

11.17.16, 10:13 AM
Don't wait until 2018 to get involved.
There are plenty of things you can do right now to affect change.
Protesting is not one of them.
Protesting does not cause change.
Neither does bitching, moaning or whining.

A local high school student was beaten for wearing a t-shirt in support of Trump.
What the hell is up with that?
Actions like that will not cause change.
Actions like that do not speak well of "the other side".

11.17.16, 10:27 AM
Unfortunately, those are the actions that are taking place and that are getting the most press (as usual).