View Full Version : Really Dumb Mother

11.10.16, 12:37 PM
So, this mother of a toddler smuggled vodka into a high school football game in her toddler's sippy cup.
First of all, who brings liquor onto high school property.
That is illegal in most places.
Second, if you are going to do this dumb thing, why put the liquor into a child's sippy cup that a child could mistake for his own.
Which is exactly what happened.
Put it in a Starbucks cup, put it in a soda bottle (Sprite/Vodka who would know the difference?), but not your child's sippy cup.


11.10.16, 5:10 PM
This mother has a big problem if she has to have vodka at a high school football game, to begin with. No telling how many more mistakes she has made concerning the care of this child. On a note, I do know that we are not allowed to bring in outside beverages at our local football games, so that is probably why she used a sippy cup. But, still, she has a huge problem.

11.10.16, 8:22 PM
Who brings a toddler to a football game? Ha! Idiot. Was she drinking out of the sippy cup? Just use a more relatable container. Sheesh!

11.12.16, 6:31 AM
A lot of people smuggle alcohol into events that state you are not allowed to bring it in.
Why anyone would put alcohol in a cup designed for a child, that is attractive to a child, while they have that child in tow, is beyond me.
That is asking for the exact trouble this woman got into.