View Full Version : Michael Moore's Five Point Plan, and my Two Point response.

11.9.16, 9:04 PM
1, 3, 5- This will be hard, the Democratic Party will be concerned more about preserving what they have. The DNC will be concerned more about the Electoral College and flipping back Swing/Battleground states.
Also keep in mind this is the same party that saw losses to Conservatives since Reagan. Even when we had a Democratic President, they were fighting an uphill battle, be it Clinton's impeachment or the rise of the Tea Party under Obama. Also keep in mind House/Senate/State/Local elections.
I don't see the Democratic Party embracing Sanders/Warren type of politics unless Trump is seen as a total failure. It will become more Centrist/Borderline-Right if Trump is successful.

2, 4- If anyone claims the media is liberal, I will use this coverage as proof that it isn't. The media were the ones following Donald Trump around like tabloid paparazzi and claiming emails and such were just as bad as all of Trump's flaws. The majority newspapers tried by endorsing Clinton, but this was not enough.

https://www.good.is/articles/moore-five-point-plan?utm_source=121&utm_medium=FB&utm_campaign=swp (https://www.good.is/articles/moore-five-point-plan?utm_source=121&utm_medium=FB&utm_campaign=swp)