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11.9.16, 9:55 AM

I am posting this article about my good friend's daughter who was murdered Sunday morning by her ex-boyfriend. She did everything right. She went to the police. She got a protective order (which does absolutely no good) and still, she was hunted down like an animal and killed in her home. She was a bright, lovely college student studying nursing. I've known her family all of my life and her father and I grew up together. I am sickened by this and scratching my head at the violence in this world.

11.9.16, 10:29 AM
I am so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter and that your life has been affected by this kind of awful crime.
It is sad but true that women can make all the "right moves" and still end up dead at the hands of their domestic partner or ex-partner.
Prayers out for all those whose lives have been altered by this tragedy.

11.9.16, 12:39 PM
It's just so senseless. I once had a boyfriend who pushed me when I broke up with him. I called my brother-in-law after the guy left. My brother-in-law called this guy and read him the riot act. He never contacted me again. My heart is breaking for my friends.

11.9.16, 2:22 PM
This is very heart-breaking. My prayers continue for you and this family.

11.9.16, 6:25 PM
I'm seriously concerned that, after this election, "boys will be boys" will become the written law of the land. So many declared "family values" republicans have welded themselves to their genital-groping President Elect that I question their ability to understand the difference between thuggery and common decency -- much less the desperate need for comprehensive reform of sexual equality and sexual abuse laws and defense of, lets call it, domestic civility.

11.10.16, 11:20 AM
I don't think there will ever be justice for Rosemarie. Since her boyfriend also killed himself, he's not here to let her family have their day in court. So sad.