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11.9.16, 2:30 AM
Any problem with the DNC, voter suppression, problems at the ballot box, etc. should have been resolved prior to the respective primaries. Once the voting is done, the question that must be asked is why did those that did vote go to Hillary and not Bernie?

Frankly, I think once the Primaries were over, the Republican scandal machine (including WikiLeaks, etc) would have focused their attention on Bernie.
To them, he's a Third Partier, a Socialist, and a non-Christian. Those three factors alone would have been grounds to trash Sanders.

11.11.16, 2:28 AM
Hillary did win the popular vote (as did many of the Senate Dems who lost, too), but lost in the Electoral College regardless of the Bernie/Clinton deal. I get it that when it's said that the Electoral College is not reflective of a Democracy they will say the issue is that America is not a democracy, but a Republic. It's time to change it to ensure that each citizen's vote counts and leave behind that old 1700's concept, in my opinion.

11.11.16, 2:30 AM

11.11.16, 3:23 AM
If she had won, the popular vote would have been what she has now + what she would have needed to win from the states she needed. Popular Vote vs Electoral College would not have been an issue since whatever states she could have gotten would have been at least 50% + 1. The problem here is rural vs urban. The Republicans have mostly rural states, which means her numbers would have remained roughly the same in those areas. This is why people complain about the Electoral College because the popular votes she is getting are from (urban) states she won anyway.

One thing is definite, the Democratic Party will be on the defensive, just as it has been since Reagan. Election losses, and having to deal with scandals and opposition movements when they do win forces the Democrats to preserve what they can of the middle, not the left. This means unless there is a huge shift in the DNC or Trump's presidency is seen as a failure, the Democrats may be a bit cautious when it comes to accepting the Sanders/Warren types if this means accepting Blue State Liberals at the expense of Battleground moderates.

Take for example when Obama's popular vote the last time.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_2012 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_election,_2012)