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11.9.16, 2:07 AM
Frankly, I'd do away with the party system and have three elections.

The first General election would be November before the second General. Which would be anyone and everyone who wants to run for president can run if they qualify. They have to have enough signatures to run by say, July 4 if they want to qualify for the First General Election.
The top four move on to the Primaries.

The Primaries is the current Primary Election Cycle.
The first two move on to the Second General.

The Second General Election is the current General Election.

11.9.16, 7:41 AM
And yes I do hold Third Parties responsible for Hillary's loss. This is also why I maintain a two-candidate-only Final Election.

11.9.16, 12:10 PM
Hear, hear.

11.9.16, 5:21 PM
Here's a second idea.
Give each Indian reservation/tribe a congressional district and a seat in the House. This way they at least have some State/House representation and their district cannot be gerrymandered away.

11.10.16, 2:50 PM
I don't hate Republicans. They did what they do best, they fire up their base and got to the polls. I understand that.

What I do hate are these uppity Green Party (and other Third. Party) people that in my opinion, are worse. They go around telling people how they know better than the rest of us, they tell us about how the world is wrong, and how we could make peace by becoming vegans, give animals more rights than children, and if we all just turned swords into plowshares.
I believe in pacifism, but I don't believe in pacifism to the point of defenselessness . You might be laying down your arms, but what happens when your enemies don't?
Third Parties (Especially Greens) do some of the most counter-productive things they can do in an election. The Greens' hopes for a better environmental platform, a more pacifistic America, and anything else you can hijack from the Sanders campaign went out the window with the election of Donald Trump. Even Bernie Sanders himself supported Hillary when he knew he lost. That was the person who he knew his vision would have survived under.
And the truth is, Bernie Sanders is a pragmatist. That is the man I knew and loved. He ran as a Democrat because he knew full well that Third Parties were ineffective in national politics.

Additionally, I will never understand Libertarianism. You think that you can just bring two polar opposites to the table and make up some sort of compromise that both sides can be satisfied with.
I hate to tell you this, there are certain issues that the Conservatives will not budge on, and this will mean that the Liberals will be doing more of the compromising.

Truth is, Third Parties have no base. Independents (and obviously the non-voter) can't be relied upon to create one that can rival the Democrats and Republicans. We are a two-party system with two major parties that have been around for more than 150 years. No upstart is going to change that.

11.11.16, 3:50 AM
I think that is a part of it, but not the whole picture, IMO. Someone said (and I agree) the huge turn out for Trump was "white lash" against Obama, also against a possibly elected Hillary who would not change any of his programs, also white America seeing an opportunity to "take back 'their country" from what they viewed as non-white influences, not liking equality in marriage changes that have taken place, as well as a chance to over turn Roe Vs Wade legislation....along with other things.

Someone said ( and I agree, too) that not everyone who voted for Trump was a racist, but all racists voted.....considering his blistering attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, etc.

Trump's "Make America Great Again" was nothing more than a dog whistle to all these people who found an opportunity to support white popularism and they came out in force.

The deplorables have won.

11.11.16, 4:41 AM
One of my coworkers said the reason why she didn't win is because she had a bad ground game. She concentrated her efforts on Blue States and Battleground Liberals, and not reaching out to all 50. This I will fault her for.

Come to think of it, the first Catholic President (JFK) and the first Black President (Obama) had to do a lot of campaigning in order to win.

11.13.16, 3:44 AM
She did go into states that were polling purple tho....AZ, NV, and some others, but there was absolutely no reason to come to states like Oklahoma, etc., who have been solid red states for decades. Would have just been a waste of time and money. She initially had a much better ground game than Trump had, so I think your coworker might have been wrong on that.

White Americans came out strong to vote for the 'outsider' who now that he's won has brought in a team of old white conservative 'insiders': Newt, Julianni, etc., plus a token Carson and maybe Palin..ugh

11.13.16, 4:49 AM
They should have realized that whether or not you are on the "donating" or "recieving" end, you're still part of "The Establishment"
All these people talking about the Clintons' wealth and their ability to understand the middle class didn't take into consideration Trump's jets and golden toilets.

This is certainly an election where misinformation and propaganda had a significant role.