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12.11.07, 12:35 AM
I made some fudge tonight. I haven't had this in years. Heaven knows me and dh doesn't need this, but I couldn't help myself, lol, something inside me made me do it!!!!
I tasted, it is sinful, outa this world and very easy for a lazy person like me to make. Later this week I am making a sweet potatoe casserole that I got from someone on a message board. My dh loves sweet pot, any way he can get them..... I must have gone crazy with this baking mood I've been in. Hope it don't last too long.


12.11.07, 11:17 AM
This sounds so good! I haven't had home made fudge in years. My mom always made it, claimed it was really easy but I could never come close. The sweet potato casserole sounds yummy, too (and really good for you) but I'm not sure if it can compete with fudge. I need to catch your baking fever ;)

12.11.07, 1:42 PM
My hubby would WISH I could get some of your baking mood for Christmas especially. He just asked me yesterday when I was going to even start baking as I have done absolutely nothing yet. I'm not even finished Christmas shopping, nearly but not quite. Nothing is wrapped either.. just can't seem to get into it this year. We did put up the decorations on the weekend, the tree etc... and had our two grandchildren here to "help". Lost two of my Christmas angel ornaments to the hardwood floor :( but we still had fun. They are way too cute and so excited about Christmas this year, they are 2 and 4. We will be going over to their house around 7:00 am Christmas morning before they come upstairs so we are there when they get up and will do Christmas day there, it is really nice plus, big bonus, I don't cook the big Christmas dinner anymore... I do Thanksgiving.

Anyway, hope this finds everyone well and ready for Christmas.
Take care, Penny

12.12.07, 5:46 AM
Oh how yummy! I have a trip to the dentist tommorrow (lost filling!) so can't even think about sweet stuff just yet!! We got the trees on the weekend - we get for ds's and my mother also. I haven't started the baking yet - christmas is a bit strange this year with all the packing etc. I am really stuck for present ideas this year too - blimey! Less than 2 weeks! Do you get English cook shows there? We have Nigella Express running currently - she just made fudge too! Today is REALLY cold here - everything is white with thick frost!
Keep warm!
Liz x

12.13.07, 7:33 PM
I have lucked out again this year. A gal who's the same age as our daughters works at a local restaurant where we eat lunch almost every day. She is making my candy and cookies for me this year. She, her mother, sister, aunts, friends are starting tomorrow and baking for three straight days. Last year she gave me a big plate full of goodies. She already made some "test" fudge to sample - they have a couple of different recipes. I think food cooked by other people is SO much better than what you make yourself.

I know what you mean about not being in the christmas mood. Even with the grandkids all excited, it just doesn't seem like christmas. We have snow which has been pretty scarce the last few years. I've got most of my shopping done - thank god for online shopping! I took our oldest granddaughter who's 14 down to Hollister in the mall so she could pick out her own clothes - I wouldn't even ATTEMPT to buy her something without her prior approval. I had my christmas newsletters printed today so I have to address the envelopes and get those out ASAP. I'm having an open house on the Saturday between christmas and new years' day and want to let people know about it.

Well, I'd better get a move on if I want to watch Ugly Betty in an hour and half. I love Betty.

eldri :jesterbob: