View Full Version : If she loses (and as of now, it looks like she will)

11.9.16, 12:07 AM
I'm not going to church again if she loses. (Asides from those weekends I have off so my mom doesn't know.)
Nate Silver has about the same credibility as a psychic hotline or Julian Assange.

Also some rules.....

Never underestimate after-work voters.
Never underestimate the deplorables, even if they appear to be in small groups.
Never claim the law is sufficient enough to protect everyone.

11.9.16, 4:49 AM
I predict we are going to have yet another OCCUPY-like mass-protest movement either sometime next year or in 2018.
It will be mostly Third-Partiers or non-voters to begin with, and my question to them will be, where were you in November 2016 when you could have avoided this by voting Hillary?

OCCUPY, BLM, and others like you, I'm so DONE.

11.9.16, 4:56 AM
More rules for Progressive Politics.

Never vote Third Party.

Never count on Mass-Protest movements.

11.9.16, 6:38 AM
Second Prediction- The Democrats will move more centrist/borderline right. I think this has been going on since Reagan. The Democrats have gone out of its way to reach out to minorities, but with election losses, its going to do whatever it can to preserve the middle.