View Full Version : Milania's speech and vow to work aganist cyber-bullying

11.5.16, 2:23 AM
I am sad for this lady who much have been coached by the Trump camp to come out and deliver such a ridiculous speech since her husband is one of the biggest cyberbullies of all time. She surely can't be so clueless sitting in her gold-gilded Trump Tower penthouse suite and unaware of the daily nastiness her husband tweets....or she's so unauthentic she thinks a few nice words from her negates his elementary school bully tactics and will smooth over his vileness.


11.5.16, 7:44 AM
Utter cluelessness seems to be a benchmark of the Trump campaign. First Mike Pence denies Donald Trump saying things even though he said it in front of cameras, now this?

11.5.16, 4:13 PM
I think money has a lot to do with it.

11.5.16, 4:17 PM
I think money has a lot to do with it.

Yeah, by time the election is over and they lose, the Trumps will be bleeding money from now on. No one will be willing to do business with them except the Russians and poor white people (who probably can't afford his products to begin with). Even now, his hotels are either shutting down, going bankrupt, or taking the "Trump" name off.

11.6.16, 2:44 AM
It does look like the Trump brand has been damaged, but if he wins.....whoo hoo that big ole US Pres salary compared to how rich he says he is...LOL!

11.6.16, 9:53 AM
Oh my; don't even want to think about it.

He'd probably feel both underpaid and frustrated at having to answer to Congress. LOL

11.8.16, 2:16 AM
God forbid if Trump does win, cause I'm worried about the poor White House and how it will look with a gold 30 foot "Trump White House" sign on the front and all that gold gilding in the Lincoln bedroom, etc. Someone needs to tell Donald that gold accents went out in the 90's...lol.

11.8.16, 9:30 AM
He'll make the place look like a 70's era roller disco.........With Beyonce forced to sing disco songs.....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RePIP8ITvHI (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RePIP8ITvHI)