View Full Version : Kendall Jenner (unfortunately still around)

11.4.16, 12:27 PM

Seriously? She is disgusting. That skeletal body with the dress that doesn't cover anything is just plain obscene. How will we ever rid the world of these media-whores?

11.4.16, 12:40 PM
She looks stoned in all of these pictures. What a shame.

11.4.16, 3:55 PM
Darn it. I thought this was about Caitlyn and I worked up a little Billy Joel parody for it.

Oh well.

♪♫She can dress like a woman
She can wear her hair long
She can wear her high heels, though that just seems so wrong
She reveals way more skin that we all want to see
She wants to be fem
But she's always Bruce Jenner to me♫♪

11.4.16, 7:27 PM
Ha ha ha ha!!!! He is still a man and I still call him Bruce.