View Full Version : Questions About an Online Communication

Joyce Sean
11.3.16, 11:38 PM
Hi, everyone, questions came up while we are having a brainstorming about an online communication. Do you have an idea about video or web conferencing services? Can you recommend one that can work perfectly with any portable internet devices like Mac or IOS device? If you have considered one then please drop us a comment about it.

Vanessa Thorn
11.4.16, 7:20 AM
Have you tried Skype for Business (https://www.skype.com/en/business/skype-for-business/)? However, if you I have been hearing some issues about skype on Mac units. Some cannot download Skype to Mac and not even working well. What about GoToMeeting or OmniJoin? Both are leading online meeting apps too which can be used for mobile and tablet as well.

Joyce Sean
11.5.16, 6:23 PM
Thanks Vanessa Thorn!

I've actually tried gotomeeting .... a long time ago and as far as I can remember, it was ok. I am going to try using Omnijoin (http://www.brothercloud.com/omnijoin/meetings/join.aspx) just to get a feel of it for my research. From the looks of it, it is quite good product. I just hope I've got more comments from those who've used these products that I can show my colleagues :) thanks again