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11.2.16, 4:01 PM

11.3.16, 2:05 AM
I had a conversation with a good friend today and we were lamenting the problems with the presidential candidates of who I would suppose most people would agree both
candidates have issues that have made this a unique race. She said, yes ...a choice between a criminal and an idiot.

What I take issue is the perception that Clinton is a criminal based on missing emails which has been a accusing talking point made by the right, but interestingly enough GW Bush had more than 20 million missing emails after he left office and his tenure gave us two wars. Odd that no one ever brings that up in the present discourse.

Plus, Hillary Clinton, as of yet, has never been indicted or convicted of any crimes. A long investigation of Bengazi found nothing. Just because the GOP and supporters wish it all so and says it...doesn't make any of it true.


11.3.16, 3:30 AM
When I came to work, one of my coworkers was rejoicing because he said Hillary was going to jail. I find this sad considering all these investigations so far have found no criminal wrongdoing.

What does worry me is the kind of ground Trump has been gaining since Comey came out with his revelations.

11.5.16, 2:09 AM
Trump and many of his talking heads are repeating today the non-fact that the FBI has re-opened a criminal investigation against Clinton, which is not true...but I am sure as long as they think a lie works it will continue.

11.6.16, 7:16 PM
A guide to defend Hillary against the fake scandals.
As Bill Maher recently said, "Fascists declare you a criminal, and then determine your crime."

http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/field-guide-to-defending-hillary-clinton-against-fake-scandals/24710/ (http://www.dailynewsbin.com/opinion/field-guide-to-defending-hillary-clinton-against-fake-scandals/24710/)

11.8.16, 2:11 AM
Problem is that the haters don't care about facts or truth. :-(