View Full Version : Republicans better off losing by a landslide.

11.2.16, 3:10 PM
And if they do lose, I wonder if they will get what George Will is saying, and that is if they will figure out that their core base is no longer enough for them to win national elections, even with the uprising of white nationalism with the Trump campaign.

http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/republicans-off-losing-landslide-george/story?id=43222908 (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/republicans-off-losing-landslide-george/story?id=43222908)

11.3.16, 2:24 AM
Even if Trump wins the GOP loses in the long run as the splinter in the party has shown that their core values have been taking over by the idea of a new populist reformation. Where their presidential candidate elect could be a philandering serial cheater, a liar, ridicule women, minorities, be so Godless that he said when asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness he said he never had to ask...be a no-nothing as to foreign or domestic affairs, clueless of the importance of international treaties, recklessly speak of using nukes, on and on! They find him deplorable, but......

still they voted for him. So, what's what say about them and any kind of future of the party who always wants to brag about their Conservative ideals based on Christian heritage?

11.3.16, 3:58 AM
The only thing they care about right now is putting a Pro-Lifer in the White House that will outlaw abortion again, and that is all that matters to these people that brag about their ideals and Christian heritage.

One would think that society would learn lessons from the past and strive to not repeat these mistakes and make things better, and people who cling to the old ideals will just naturally go extinct as their outdated political beliefs simply go by way of the dinosaur. But no, these people lie in wait until their ideas leak back into the mainstream and regain their political power. This is why I have been warning against "fringe" groups, no matter how small.
The rise of Donald Trump is proof of this.

11.5.16, 2:42 AM
The rise of Trump certainly has had it's share of strange bedfellows....from Christians who turn a blind eye to his Godlessness and lack of moral conviction staking their hopes only on his pledge to appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, thus throwing themselves into accepting other moral decay as OK....to all the neo-Nazi and KKK members who love his "It's us against them who are non-white".

11.5.16, 7:49 AM
Four years ago, didn't the Republicans say they needed to diversify their party?

Obviously someone didn't get the memo. Even if they did get that memo, they seem to be using stereotyping.