View Full Version : Hanging chads and all. Reforms? What happened?

11.2.16, 3:38 AM
Remember Bush/Gore and all that voting mess? What happened to all that talk of standardizing voting equipment?

One of the few things Oklahoma gets right is that with electronic voting here...everyone uses a paper ballot that is feed into the machines, therefore, there is always an easy to read paper ballot for backup.


11.2.16, 4:37 AM
The thing I don't understand is how Republicans tend to be the ones that vote on election day after getting off work, while Democrats tend to vote early. And to top that off, they will assume if you are an early voter, you're either poor, lazy, unemployed, or an illegitimate voter.

How is it that people that call themselves people of "personal responsibility" would not take advantage of early/absentee voting options. This to me sounds more like procrastination, which last I checked is not responsible.

11.3.16, 2:35 AM
Didn't know that might be the case, but I guess as long as people vote that's ok. All I know is that many years ago there was a push to make some sort of standardized voting equipment that could be verified quickly and efficiently, plus at one time there were election rules where candidates had to have equal on air time. I guess that all went out once radio and cable news could become partisan talking pieces with no limits. Also, again many years ago, there was a push to cap the amount of money presidential campaigns could spend, unlike today where campaigns along with outside secret super PACS are able to spend unchecked millions.

This is just not fair do the fact that only the rich, or those funded by the rich, have any kind of chance. Kinda is the ole golden rule as in who has the gold, rules.

11.3.16, 5:49 AM
One thing is for certain, all the attempts at voter suppression has been directed towards poor blacks and hispanics. Early and absentee voting was supposed to alleviate long lines at the polls on election day.
Speaking of which, I would also think that absentee voting would have the most chances of fraud, not in-person voting, and yet all the suppression tactics involve in-person voting.

11.5.16, 3:32 AM
True and also, voter suppression has been against Democrats in Republican controlled states where they are able to redraw redistricting lines to benefit their party.