View Full Version : Outrageous Xenophobia! This is terrible.

11.1.16, 9:13 AM
I guess this belongs in Politics because it seems like politics is what keeps pushing us in this direction.

The man who founded Chobani yogurt is an immigrant. His company has created a zillion jobs, and he uses it to make jobs for refugees. This is wonderful. It is spiritually magnificent.

But instead of celebrating the wonderfulness, some people are calling him names, and worse. Even death threats!

I don't eat yogurt myself, but in support I will be buying a tray of Chobani today, and donating it to our local food bank.

Short article at NY TIMES:

For Helping Immigrants, Chobaniís Founder Draws Threats http://nyti.ms/2e5ZnzZ

11.1.16, 9:15 PM
What a bunch of deplorables.

11.2.16, 2:26 AM
Sad, sad, sad. As more and more stories like this come to light, along with the racism that has been brought out by Trump and those longing for a candidate like him....I am feeling more and more despondent about the negative direction the country is going in. The gleeful negativism from some directed toward Hamdi Ulukaya and others is so disturbing!