View Full Version : Queen Elizabeth offers to Restore British Rule over the U.S.A. (Borowitz: New Yorker)

10.31.16, 6:17 PM
"[Queen] Elizabeth acknowledged that, in the wake of Brexit, Americans might justifiably be alarmed about being governed by the British parliamentary system, but she reassured them, 'Parliament would play no role in this deal. This would be an old-school monarchy. Just me, and then, assuming you’d rather not have Charles, we could go straight to William and those children of his who have mesmerized you so.'”

Yes; it's Borowitz in the New Yorker but it is an interesting idea.
Actually; parliament might not be an awful idea. At least stuff gets done -- and that weekly session of open questions to the Prime Minister is a great way to keep the wheels greased!

Would England become the 51st state? Hmmm.


10.31.16, 6:20 PM
I think she does that like every four years.

10.31.16, 7:19 PM
I think she does that like every four years.

You'd think we would have taken her up on it, back when Di was part of the deal.