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10.30.16, 3:57 PM

10.31.16, 2:15 AM
Haven't read his book, but I have seen Rothman on several programs talking about his book and it does sound like an interesting perspective. Certainly a good amount of Trump white supporters are in this camp of poor to middle class whites, but (and maybe they don't care) they are not the types of people Trump would ever look at twice unless he was out stumping for their vote. His pitch to them is nothing more than pathetic pandering.

10.31.16, 3:48 AM
I think part of the problem is, there are whites that actually accept lives of hardship and poverty and call it "freedom".

As a matter of fact, I think people like that would make great slaves (on paper). They claim to value hard work, have a tendency to look up to bosses, and more likely to accept their lot in life rather than figure out how to get out of their rut let alone complain about it. Add on a church ministers that tell them to be obedient little servants and the bosses will be all set.

10.31.16, 6:39 PM
This is a swell book report -- and bitesized review of the culture-vs-economy argument. Thanks for pointing it out.

11.2.16, 12:16 AM