View Full Version : Acorn or Hulu: we're trying to decide which, if either, to subscribe to. Any tips?

10.24.16, 12:14 AM
We'd both like to be able to binge more British mysteries and such. Thinking about subscribing to Acorn for that. They have so many! But, if we're going that way, then Hulu comes up for a possibility too. They have some of the Acorn series, plus they have a growing list of "originals" too.

Anybody here subscribe to either one or both? Who likes which, and, if you have a moment for more, then: why?


10.24.16, 5:08 PM
I have Hulu and there are quite a few British shows on it. I had never heard of Acorn until you mentioned it.

10.24.16, 11:31 PM
Thanks for your reply. I guess it's a weird question, but it seems like we're being subscriptioned to oblivion, so I sort of have this knee-jerk against signing up for both. The thing to do, I suppose, is to try one for awhile and see how it goes. They both allow cancellation.

But which one? '-)

10.26.16, 2:08 AM
We kinda just stick to PBS (Poldark, Indian Summers, the Durrells in Corfu, etc.) and BBCA (Luther, Sherlock, etc.) for British shows...only cause cable is already expensive enough and those channels are included, so haven't explored Hulu or Acorn. We do have Netflix only cause our son signed up for it and he pays for it...lol.