View Full Version : Saying one won't accept the final reults of an election should be disqualifying

10.20.16, 2:47 AM

10.20.16, 4:45 AM
This is worrisome, especially considering that a lot of Trump's supporters are armed.

10.20.16, 9:32 AM
This made me feel physically ill, when Trump said that last night at the 3rd debate. I couldn't believe that he was actually doing it.

10.20.16, 12:26 PM
I am worried of what might happen if he loses. His supporters are not the brightest and believe every stupid far fetched lie that he tells them.

10.21.16, 1:04 AM
Let's not forget that these people have guns.

10.21.16, 10:53 AM
Retired SCOTUS justice Souter warned of this very thing as a result of what he terms, "civic ignorance".

See this short clip:

10.23.16, 1:24 AM
Too bad the schools don't have room for classes in civics anymore and Souter was dead on with his comments from just a few years ago. It does seem that there is a lack of understanding the workings of govt., etc. and when I see some programs who ask questions of random people about simple things like who the VP is, and such...and they don't know or can't even make a guess. It's a worry about how many who are eligible to vote...don't, too.

10.23.16, 2:30 AM
I'm not so sure if you can really say it's the lack of Civics classes. A lot of these people are lawyers, people of business, or old enough to have been in a Civics class.