View Full Version : Trump touts rigged election?

10.18.16, 3:08 AM
Already he's saying voter fraud before the majority of voters even cast a ballot? Why? Could it be possible that Trump is betting on losing the election where he and Roger Ailes are going to partner up with a new mega TV political channel? Hmmm?


10.18.16, 4:49 AM
He like the rest of the Republicans have been banking on an easy win because they don't believe the heir to the Obama legacy could win an election fairly, White Christians are the representatives of the ultimate good, and everyone else is inferiors or will find ways to cheat their way to political power.

However, I do believe the Republicans will have to do a lot of soul-searching if and when they lose.
As I keep saying, their embrace of Tea Party Libertarianism has much to do with their downfall. The Koch Bros tried to inject Libertarianism into the Republican Party, but they underestimated the effect the religious right has on the Republican Party, or that Christianized Libertarianism evolves into fascism, including the fact that fascism has to rally behind a single leader that is out in the open, not someone lurking in the shadows trying to control things from behind the scenes.

All the serious polls say Hillary will win, which I hope comes true. Whatever Wikileaks is doing doesn't seem to be working, and from what I hear, a lot of early voters so far are Democrats. I think we should also keep an eye on Republican attempts at restricting early/absentee voting if this is the case. These are people who believe that the "Angry Middle Class" will get off work (strangely enough, the "Angry Middle Class" all have 9 - 5 jobs and Saturday/Sunday off. Those who don't are either poor, lazy, or an illigitimate voter) on Election Day and vote for Trump and the other Republicans.

10.20.16, 3:44 AM
I think a lot of what you said is true, but also I have a couple of other ideas. One is that IF Trump was not the dolt candidate he is and was running as a legitimate candidate who actually knew something about world affairs and domestic issues he could have run a much stronger campaign that could have had him many points above her in the polls. But, Trump ran a decided campaign of insults and conspiracy laden lies instead which appeals to less informed people.

Therefore, number two: A brilliant strategy by Trump once he knew that Hillary was going to be the Dem candidate he could take advantage of her unpopular numbers, wage war on also unpopular the GOP establishment and appeal to the classes of people who felt betrayed by the Tea Party, who felt like white America was losing ground to minorities, gays, and immigrants.

So, even if he loses...he wins. Gets to have a 14 million people who support him as a ready-set-go audience for his new cable station who will bash Hillary and the likes of all those GOP people and media who dared to speak ill against him. Those who lose the most will be the GOP party who Trump has managed to splinter with Breitbart full steam ahead.

After all, if Trump loses or won.... he has ruined his branding of hotels, etc., for the majority...so establishing a new mega-media cable channel to take the others to task could be the new Trump brand.

10.20.16, 6:39 AM
I think it's also obvious that the Republicans have shifted from people with military experience to men of business when it comes to picking their Presidential candidates, especially since they ragged on Bill Clinton for being a draft dodger to having their last two candidates being wealthy enough to find a way to avoid the draft. However, having Presidents with little or no military experience will be common place from now on as potential candidates are either too young to have been drafted and those old enough were most likely wealthy enough to avoid it.

I wonder if there ever has been a "serious/legitimate" candidate for President from the Republicans over the last two election cycles asides from Mitt Romney. Some of them pop up and you go REALLY!?

I think from Bill Clinton on, any Democrat running for President will be seen as "illegitimate" and the Republican conspiracy machine will be directed at that person.
I still say if Bernie Sanders were on the debate stage, he already has three things against him. He's a non-Christian, he's a Third-Partier, and he's a Socialist. Who knows what else the Republicans (Let alone Russia and Wikileaks) would have dug up, as well as anything else Trump would have thrown at him.

Don't know if that cable channel will ever come to being, looks like Alies might be disgusted with him too, but one thing is for certain him and his followers will not be going away anytime soon. I used to think that people learned the mistakes of the past and will strive to not repeat them, and those clinging to the old ways will fade into history.
However, I think the rise of Donald Trump should show people that these groups (no matter how small) will try to regain some sort of legitimacy and lie in wait for a time when their ideals can filter its way back into the mainstream.

10.23.16, 2:47 AM
Agreed on many things, Jolau. Also, there are so many things as far as Trump's supporters don't make sense...as has come up before....which is how in the ding dong world could Trump, of all people, somehow convince evangelicals that he is the moral change agent and where they decide they would cast aside their own sense of morality to support a one issue candidate based on what he said he'd do on the Supreme Court (how's that for a run on sentence...lol).

I did see where Ailes has backed off Trump, too...but Breitbart seems to be going ahead full steam into going after some estab GOPers and could use the clout Breitbart already have for a new cable channel. Wouldn't be surprised if Hannity, if his contract was up with FoxNews...might join them. Who knows.