View Full Version : The Onion has "Melania" on Donald: "Not the Complete Monster I Married"

10.15.16, 12:16 AM
Melania Trump (The Onion) (http://www.theonion.com/blogpost/donald-trump-these-allegations-not-complete-monste-54183): "I realize my husband has his faults. He can be impulsive, short-tempered, cruel, arrogant, bigoted, thin-skinned, manipulative, hateful, defensive, intolerant, deluded, vindictive, greedy, perverted, narcissistic, dishonest, threatening, megalomaniacal, and psychopathic. But show me an irredeemably horrible, self-obsessed person who isnít. "


10.15.16, 2:53 AM
OMG...LOL! The Onion does it again! Very clever and even if words not really by Melania....there's nothing untrue!