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10.12.16, 7:30 PM
I'm still really liking this show.

Kris, if something feels familiar about it, Ken Olin is the producer.

10.13.16, 9:23 AM
I love this show!

10.13.16, 11:17 AM
I thought they might explain why Jack and Rebecca are no longer married in this week's episode.
I guess that explanation is yet to come.
They hinted at Jack having a drinking problem, so I'm guessing that might be the reason.

10.13.16, 12:16 PM
It's my new favorite show right now. Ah yes, Ken Olin, no wonder it is so good.

10.13.16, 1:20 PM
Is it a "schmoopy" show? I never watched Parenthood or Brothers and Sisters and I don't like sap. Tell me what I might like about this show.

10.13.16, 3:12 PM
I haven't seen the show itself, but have shied away because the promos do look "schmoopy". (Like that word. Thanks for that A99.)

10.13.16, 4:48 PM
Since I'm a fan of "schmoop" I will say that you probably won't like it. It's a family drama about a couple who had triplets, but one died (a son) during childbirth. At the same time, a single dad with addiction problems left his baby on the footsteps of the local fire department. The baby is black. The couple ends up adopting this baby. Fast forward to the baby's 36th birthday and that is where the show starts with flashbacks to the parent's and family history. The adopted son has found his biological father and ends up taking him home to meet his family. He learns his dad is dying and the father ends up staying with them. So, ya, "schmoop." But, if you like that kind of stuff you'll like the show.

10.13.16, 5:00 PM
Don't thank me, Mike. Thank Seinfeld.

10.13.16, 5:01 PM
Thanks, Kris. I'll stick with "The Exorcist."

10.13.16, 5:57 PM
You Devil you! :devilish: hehehe!

10.14.16, 6:49 AM
Because most of the popular TV offerings deal with evil, death, corruption and the "dark side" of life, I find it refreshing to have something that leans in the other direction to watch. If this show were poorly written or poorly acted, I would file it in the "schmoopy" category. However, with actors like Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown and Gerald McRaney, it is well acted. The writing is very good so far as well.