View Full Version : Another debate, another disaster for Donald Trump

10.10.16, 3:02 AM

10.11.16, 1:10 AM
Bringing in those Bill Clinton accusers of 20 some years ago was a new kind of low, but I'm not surprised since Trump is, after all, at heart a d-list reality show "star".

10.11.16, 2:23 AM
I wonder if these people are here for money or attention. We've seen this before with Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby and the first thing you think is these people are there for the money or to ruin a once respected celebrity. Add on the people that think that Hillary "bullied" them into silence.
Is Trump paying them? Or are these women coming forward out of the kindness of their hearts?
Why are they cropping up now? Where were they when Bill Clinton was running for the various offices he was running for prior to becoming President? Where were they when Hillary was running for Senate?

There is a common theme in all of this (Especially Clinton and Cosby) are women who were harrassed/molested/raped early in these people's careers and were silenced in order to protect that person's career. I've sort of experienced this and I was told I shouldn't ruin a co-worker who was harassing me because he was "young" and "didn't know better", and the company couldn't afford to lose an otherwise "good employee" to a sexual harassment accusation.
I'm sorry, if the harasser is over 18, he or she is an adult and should know right from wrong and proper manners.
This is EXACTLY the time when you ruin them, and not let ANYONE silence you, even if it to protect someone's career.
People like this NEED to LEARN that behavior like that is UNACCEPTABLE in the workplace, and if someone's career is ruined because of it, then so be it.
Don't wait until he or she becomes rich powerful and famous.