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10.6.16, 1:54 PM
I don't see JG here anymore but I assume some of you chat with her on Facebook.
I hope she is not in any imminent danger from this hurricane, although it looks like it is going to kick Florida's ass.
Agent, what is the deal with your condo?
Does the building get tended to by someone in your absence?
Hope no one is hit too hard by this monster.

10.6.16, 7:43 PM
JG is hunkered down at home and awaiting the storm! Her mom had some serious surgery last week and the family is just hanging out together. We had our cleaning people go to the condo and bring in all of the outdoor furniture on the balconies. The windows are supposedly hurricane proof up to 150 MPH. We face the ocean so it can really get hit. We're keeping our fingers crossed. Agent 86 is glued to the weather channel. I hope everyone stays safe too!!

10.6.16, 11:50 PM
Hi to her from up here in NY, please. Stay safe and warm!

10.7.16, 12:58 AM
Praying for the safety for JG and her family and for the properties of her family and Agent's condo. I really hope this storm heads out to sea and passes their homes.

10.13.16, 11:26 AM
Hi all. I'm still here, it's just been one whirlwind after another between work, kids, home. Matthew did swing by and pay us a visit last week but we were spared from most of the horriffic damage. We only had some fence panels fall down and a BBQ tent which was too big to bring down, fell over and the canvas shredded. No big deal. We never lost power for maybe more than a few seconds if that, and it was all during the night when we slept because we woke up and all was still working, just flashing. lol

My sister who lives beachside in Melbourne was evacuated so she came down to stay with us with her girls. Her husband is a lineman and was on call so he had to stay local. Their house fared well (it's a rental, so luckily they are not responsible if there was damage to the house itself) until Tuesday evening. Almost a week after the hurricane. It was a really windy night, and she text me the following morning to tell me the wind literally blew something on her roof and caused the kitchen ceiling to collapse in one area. Scary stuff, especially because if someone had been in that area when it collapsed, it would have been a disaster.

Thanks for thinking of me. I'll try and pop in every now and then. Ever since my co-worker left, work has been insanely busy because the girl they hired to take her place even after almost 7 months, she's still not getting anything. So my job has doubled and been incredibly stressful for me.

10.13.16, 2:11 PM
Glad to hear that you made it through OK, but sorry to hear about your sister's house.

And sorry to hear that your bosses aren't seeing what is happening with the replacement co-(non)worker.