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10.5.16, 2:14 PM
Looks like the vast majority of them are endorsing Hillary Clinton, some of which haven't endorsed a Democrat in decades.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/clinton-trump-newspaper-endorsements (http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2016/09/clinton-trump-newspaper-endorsements)

10.6.16, 1:29 PM
Do newspaper endorsements influence anybody?

10.6.16, 5:15 PM
Not sure, but I do believe it is quite telling when she's getting so many endorsements compared to Trump.

10.8.16, 2:24 AM
It can be a very risky thing. Those who have endorsed her in what are in red states (AZ, for one) are certainly paying the price with subscriptions cancelled and death threats. I saw a rep for the AZ paper say they have picked up many out of state subscriptions after their endorsement and were thankful for the support. All print publications are already endangered species as it is, so to go out on this limb could still ring the death knoll for their paper.

10.8.16, 12:12 PM
The death knell for hard-copy newspapers has been ringing for 60 years. It started during WWII, accelerated with TV and post-war consolidation, and started approaching warp speed when "online" started getting serious.

Blaming decline on subscription loses over an editorial stand is sort of like kissing a boo boo. It doesn't really go to cause and effect, but maybe it feels better.

10.8.16, 8:10 PM
I wonder how many of them have switched to online formats, and now have to rely more on advertisements on their website rather than subscriptions.

10.9.16, 5:10 AM
Something of note, I heard from Rachel Maddow on Friday (I podcast the show), while Hillary has Barack and Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders campaigning for her along with Tim Kaine and Hillary herself, the only people doing events for Trump are basically Trump and Pence. He has handlers making TV appearances, but none of them are hosting rallies.

10.9.16, 4:55 PM
Looks like they are all either endorsing Hillary or Anti-Trump. He now has NO endorsement from any major newspaper.

https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-makes-history-zero-major-newspaper-endorsements-000943174.html (https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-makes-history-zero-major-newspaper-endorsements-000943174.html)

10.9.16, 7:19 PM
That Trump has no endorsements is a pretty amazing statement by itself.. Wow.

10.10.16, 4:04 AM
I think he might have a few tabloid endorsements, but like I said, none from a major paper.