View Full Version : Longmire - S3: Binged it.

10.4.16, 12:10 AM
4 out of 5 stars from me. 99+% really good, but a couple of weak spots that were really weak (ImHO), and no real wrap up of the big threads of the season.

Love the cast, and the dark path of the main character.

Enjoyed the inserted episodes, but some of the long threads were thread-bare and just left -- not hanging, but more like wafting in a nondescript breeze.

Anybody else here watch this season?

10.4.16, 1:47 AM
Yep...we have watched since the 1st season and was glad when Netflix picked it up after the cable channel canceled it. Haven't started season 5 yet. All seasons, I agree, do have some weak spots, but if one likes a western setting there are several interesting characters and plotlines. We really enjoy Robert Taylor and was surprised to find out he's an Aussie...he's got the western dialect down to a tee!

One thing I've already had to chuckle about with Longmire and another show we watch which is the British show, Father Brown (who is a priest who's also a crime solving sleuth!).....both situated in areas of small population....and who's town's I'd be afraid to live in since there is a murder every week! lol

10.4.16, 9:22 AM
OMG! I meant S5!

We've also been watching through all seasons and the move to Netflix (Yay Netflix!). Well; FIVE (5) is what I meant to say. S5.

Hey. Hey! It's not like it's off by 918 million.

10.5.16, 2:02 AM
lol! Hey, I just appreciate you mentioning the new season of Longmire, otherwise I might not have seen it was back on. :-)