View Full Version : Grey's Anatomy Lucky 13

9.27.16, 5:45 PM
I didn't think this season started off with a great episode.
Looking at all the story lines that were set up for this season, the only one I care about is what happens to Karev.
I'm tired of Meredith.
I'm tired of Maggie.
I have never been interested in Jo or her past.
I have no interest in April/Jackson. But that baby is cute. :pinkyz:
I am mildly interested in how Amelia and Owen turn out, but I fear that relationship is headed for ruins.
My guess is that something bad will happen, Amelia will go back to drugs and Owen will have to decide how invested he wants to remain in that kind of relationship.

9.28.16, 11:06 AM
It's hard to see how Karev can escape conviction on this and prison time. But, you know how TV shows go.

9.28.16, 11:53 AM
My guess is that someone is going to talk Deluca out of pressing charges.
Or Deluca will press charges at first, and then drop them.
I was hoping like hell that Jo would really leave. Damn Richard for stopping her.
I'm so tired of the "I'm already married" story line. It's been done to death a dozen different shows and soap operas.