View Full Version : Why poor rural Amrica loves Trump

9.25.16, 2:15 AM

9.26.16, 4:01 AM
I'll probably continue to say that much of this is due to the Republican embracing of Libertarianism and how they have branded themselves as Libertarians. The belief that society can function with fewer rules and less government, as well as process information in a "fair and balanced" manner, and Donald Trump is the end result.
However, this idea of fewer rules and less government doesn't apply to those they deem unworthy. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Gays, and Transgenders are not worthy of this idea, hence why Libertarianism has yet to catch on in large numbers with these groups. Obviously it doesn't apply to Hillary Clinton.
Whenever they speak, I always hear "I don't need Government, I have Guns and God. All you people who have lives that I don't approve of need God and Government."

These people belong to an institution that has been forcing people to obey rules and laws for centuries (I.E: The Church), an yet they claim that they can function without rules and laws, let alone being told what to do. These people are exactly the kind of people that need to be told what to do. I would think pure libertarians would be more atheistic.