View Full Version : Trump invites Gennifer Flowers to first debate...

9.25.16, 2:10 AM
after he found out Clinton invited Mark Cuban to attend (twitter war with Cuban/Trump). Both have accepted, but where does it end? Clinton camp inviting the women Trump had admitted affairs with and maybe Trump inviting Whitewater people?

The clown show of this election cycle goes on!


9.26.16, 3:36 AM
I think Hillary should take Gennifer Flowers' presence as a symbol of one of the things she and her husband had to endure and overcome as their marriage is still intact while Donald has had two failed marriages. This should strengthen her, not be a sign of weakness.

9.28.16, 1:57 AM
Obviously the Trump camp shut down the idea of inviting Flowers and was smart on their side. At the end of the debate when Trump tried to look "dignified" by not bringing in Bill's past because he said he didn't want to embarrass Chelsea, but later has said he might bring it up in the next one....

I agree, Jolau.......that's all Hill has to say is that she took her vows of marriage seriously and she and Bill worked thru their martial issues. That's a commitment unlike Trump's marriages of affairs and dumping the old wives for newer hotter ones.

9.28.16, 3:14 AM
Also, Flowers, Lewinsky and any other women knew they Bill was married and they are not innocent parties! Must have been incredibly difficult for Hillary, the wife, to forgive her husband for the sake of their family. Love and devotion is not about running away when things get difficult it's about perseverance and weathering the storms.

9.28.16, 10:55 AM
I think those people that believe in the "sanctity of marriage" should look up to the Clintons to see that marriage is about overcoming obstacles, even if the odds are against you. It seems like marriage (for men at least) is more about dominance and creates a mentality where wives can be disposed of almost at a whim.
Makes me wonder if there is a true concept of love among conservatives such as these.