View Full Version : How To Get Away With Murder

9.23.16, 7:45 PM
Is anyone still watching?
The first episode of Season 3 was interesting.

9.24.16, 3:10 PM
I missed so much last season and got lost. I may try to catch up on it on Netflix or something.

Did you by any chance watch "This is Us?" I think I'm going to really like this show.

9.24.16, 6:29 PM
"This Is Us" is supposed to be the new "Parenthood".

Speaking of shows we both liked, did you see that Sterling K. Brown won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "The People vs. OJ Simpson"?
Way to go Roland!

9.26.16, 11:20 AM
I did see that. I was happy for him. Roland was my favorite character on "Army Wives." He's got a good role on "This is Us" too.

9.26.16, 12:15 PM
I am going to watch this is us today after work. I can tell from the previews that I will like it.

9.26.16, 5:33 PM
Ah, it was just like the early days of Parenthood. Lots of teary (good teary) moments.
I have missed having a show like this to watch.
I'm glad this one has come on the scene.

9.27.16, 11:17 AM
The ending was so good. I DID not catch on to that at all until the dad was talking to the fireman in the hospital. I too am so happy to have another good family show on TV.

I have been watching "Chesapeake Shores" on Hallmark and it's been really good too. I just hate that they only air about 10 shows per season though on Hallmark. Then you totally forget about the show before it returns.

9.27.16, 1:00 PM
A couple of things about This Is Us...

I didn't catch on until the end what the "twist" was.
Looking back, I think they did a good job of glossing over the time difference in the story lines.
Except for one thing.
36 years ago, women did not wear skin tight maternity tops like Rebecca had on in the opening scene.

I thought they did a good job with the writing as far as the "overweight" story line went.
I thought the scene with the sticky notes on the food in the fridge and the scene where Kate takes everything off (including her earrings) before weighing herself were funny. There should have been dirtier looks for the woman at the weight support group who was bitching about being 7 pounds
over weight though. :pinkyz:

I love Gerald Mcraney (the OB/GYN) and I thought his speech to the Dad after Dad lost one of the triplets was very sweet.