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9.19.16, 6:01 AM
Did anyone see the Dr. Phil special where he interviewed Burke Ramsey (brother of JonBenÍt)?
It has always seemed to me that the most likely scenario in this still unsolved case is that the brother did it and the parents covered it up to protect him.

(Waits for Agent to go on her rant about how Burke Ramsey didn't do it) :pinkyz:

9.19.16, 7:42 AM
I saw the interviews. He's very awkward. None of the family members killed that poor child.

9.19.16, 11:10 AM
I watched the interviews. He seems beyond awkward, he seems to have some kind of mental disorder. I wonder if he has asperger syndrome. I go back and forth in my mind with what happened to that poor child. Sometimes I do believe that Burke did it and the parents covered it up. Other times I'm convinced it was an intruder. I doubt if we will ever know. I do know one thing for sure I would never allow a child to be in those beauty pageants. I seen a group of young girls (my guess would be ages 5-8) dancing in the theater lobby. They were promoting a dance class I believe. They were dressed scantily with name tags on and gyrating in a very sexual manner. My first thought was, why would these parents allow their kids to do this and attract some pervert. Dr Phil has another show on today covering the story.

9.19.16, 12:22 PM
Sadly, I don't think we'll ever know what really happened.

9.19.16, 12:59 PM
All things point to an intruder. An intruder who knew what was going on with the family and hid in the house while they were out. He had plenty of time to familiarize himself with the layout. The police and detectives on the scene were beyond idiots. I always suspected the Santa. Creepy old guy. The conspiracy theory about the Ramsey's covering up for Burke is just preposterous.

9.19.16, 4:48 PM
I don't usually post here anymore but I have to clear up that Asperger's is not a mental disorder. It is a neurological disorder. I would understand if he has some psychological problems with his sister being murdered and the whole family being accused of having killed her.

9.19.16, 8:38 PM
Asperger's Syndrome is a developmental disorder, not a neurological disorder. It is included in the "autism spectrum" due to the fact that people who have this developmental disorder are similar to, but not like, people with autism.

I still believe that the family were involved in the death of this child.

Everything I have read about this case negates the idea that the killer was an intruder.

9.20.16, 9:13 AM
Then you haven't been reading the right things.

9.22.16, 2:42 AM
All the current to date 2016 DNA evidence exonerated all the Ramsey family member, including Burke...who was at the time a 9 year old child and who was cleared years ago. Burke has been a victim of this crime, too. But, public opinion often doesn't care about the facts and scientific evidence ...and ready to jump to unfounded conclusions.


9.22.16, 10:50 AM
It's all about sensationalism instead of the facts. I read today that since some CBS documentary came out (I didn't watch it because it looked like a bunch of egotists trying to get on a crime show) and said their "findings" concluded that Burke killed his sister. The Ramsey lawyer is suing CBS! I love it. That poor kid has had this shadowing him his entire life. No wonder he's so reclusive.

9.24.16, 2:32 AM
Agreed, plus if one looks at the garotte which was used to strangle the child....it has a series of complicated knots on the handle. Not something one would think a nine year old would have the understanding to construct.

9.24.16, 6:37 PM
Everyone has their own opinion on this case, based on which media reports they believe.