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9.15.16, 11:47 AM
Remember when the last Project Runway winner - Ashley Tipton won because of her plus sized clothing line? At the time we all thought her clothes were awful. Guess what? We were not alone. I just read an interview with Tim Gunn and he said that he thought her clothes were "hideous" and did nothing to enhance a full figure. He said her win was just "tokenism." I love Time Gunn. He says it like it is. It also proves that we here at The Pier, have good taste and we know crappy clothes when we see them. Ha ha!! Her new line is available at JC Penney. I checked it out. She made skirts and CROP TOPS for plus sized women. Crop tops?

9.15.16, 12:14 PM
Oh a crop top would look so good on me. I love exposing my chubby tummy to the world. I must run to JCP and buy one right now. :o

This woman is crazy. Although there are some heavy women that will wear these and not think a thing about it, I'm not one of them.

9.16.16, 9:44 AM
I stopped wearing crop tops when I was 18. LOL!