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9.13.16, 8:14 AM
The county that I live in has always had days off from school for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
I have wondered for years how they got away with this, due to the "politically correct" and secular nature of most school systems. I mean really, how can you "not allow" religious songs at holiday time and yet sanction the holidays of one religion with days off from school.

The rationale behind this has been that our county has a large Jewish population and when those days were not holidays, absenteeism was very high. Still, it does not jive with the non-secular stance taken by most public school systems.

Well, apparently the Muslim community started petitioning for some of their holidays to be observed as well.
So (get this) now Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah are still days off from school, but they are being referred to as "non-instructional days". I think this is truly lame. Either be honest and cop to why those are days off or quit giving them as days off and deal with the absenteeism.

Just in case you are wondering why there have been no law suits about this, there have probably been attempts. However that large Jewish population in the county is comprised of a lot of attorneys who have probably been instrumental in making sure that none of the law suit attempts came to fruition.

And the Muslims got their way because Ed-alAdha is also being called a "non-instructional" day on which there will be no school.

9.13.16, 7:26 PM
That is crazy! The public schools in my district understand that the Jewish kids will be off for the high holidays but they do not give the time off as a recognized holiday. You can bet once the muslims start asking for it (large muslim population in my county) they will get it. I'm so sick of our country bending to this nonsense.

9.14.16, 9:04 AM
In my opinion, the schools should either recognize all the religious holidays (impossible) or none of them.
It is prejudicial of them to only recognize "some" of the religious holidays.
And continuing to recognize two Jewish holidays and merely calling them "non-instructional days" reeks of BS.

9.14.16, 11:15 AM
Our country is so screwed up right now. And I fear it's only going to get worse.

9.14.16, 11:36 AM
If schools stopped giving the week off between Christmas and New Year's the first people to bitch about it would be the non-Christians.

9.14.16, 12:46 PM
If schools stopped giving the week off between Christmas and New Year's the first people to bitch about it would be the non-Christians.

So true. And can you imagine if "Spring Break" which is typically Easter week were taken away?

9.15.16, 11:42 AM
But semester breaks (winter, spring) are good for teachers too, right? Or are they not useful? Teachers???

As far as religious holidays go; I am totally opposed to enforced days of religious observation that everyone has to take off. There are all sorts of reasons for my feelings on this, but start with the practical -- we can't collectively observe every single one.

But I don't want to stop someone from observing those days they consider to be necessary to their beliefs.

So, I'm in favor of a bank of days -- say 5 per year? -- that each family can allocate as they need or desire. The rules:
-- No reason or name for using "optional observance days" need be given other than "optional observance day." (Leaves it open for non-religious fairness.)
-- No more than two days optional observance days can be used in a contiguous four-week period. (I.e., no using optional observance days for vacation.)
-- Option for management: give each student a book of Optional Observance Day passes to be signed and dated by The Parental Overlord when used, and torn out and delivered to the teacher.
-- Option for management: have the Parental Overlord send in a signed list of observance days at the beginning of the school year, so that the school will be able use the dates for planning.

As always; ImHO. (But possibly brilliant.)

9.16.16, 8:47 AM
Your idea is too sensible. It would never get passed. And the people who love to rant about this stuff would be bored.