View Full Version : Libertarianism and Donald Trump

9.4.16, 12:22 AM
For people who claim to be about individual freedom and liberty, they seem to be also very authoritarian.


9.8.16, 2:34 AM
Trump has only one agenda and that's himself. There really is no political label for him other than Trumpism. The Alt-right has jumped on board because they like his "Make America Great Again" which is only code for let's get back to the days when white America held absolute power. Trump's vague "plans" is an indicator that he is clueless in how to formulate broad spectrum policies nor how to articulate any concrete ideas...which are now being forced by his camp to reply on the very teleprompters he ridiculed other leaning on previously and speeches which are for written for him.

9.10.16, 9:28 PM
Sometimes you do have to wonder how come Libertarianism never caught on with Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, or Gays in the way it has caught on with White people. You would think that the party of "less government" would appeal to some of the more marginalized races/religions/etc. in our country.
Obviously the Republican version (including Trump) is basically a repackaged form of their old agenda which allows people on the "straight and narrow" the benefit of the doubt and all of the benefits, but there seems also be a disconnect between the non-Republican Libertarians (Gary Johnson, et al) and the aforementioned groups.