View Full Version : Elizabeth Smart speaking out against the Mormon church.

9.3.16, 6:29 PM
Especially its teachings on sex.
Makes me wonder, how different is Christian teachings (or in this case, the Mormons) any different than the Muslims?

http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/09/elizabeth-smart-is-speaking-out-against-the-mormon-church.html?mid=fb-share-thecut (http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/09/elizabeth-smart-is-speaking-out-against-the-mormon-church.html?mid=fb-share-thecut)

9.8.16, 2:22 AM
It's always been the same double standard, in general over the years, that girls should be pure until marriage otherwise there are a bevy of labels society has loved to lob at them, Boys' sexuality has often been looked at with a wink and nod.

The unfairness is staggering how labeling affects mostly females. Looking at what Elizabeth said about her teachings on this matter seems like it did make her feel guilt even though she did nothing wrong except try to survive. I like how she said that a person's self worth is not tied to one's virginity or sexuality. I truly admire her ability to lift herself up and go forward and not let the heinous act of a disturbed couple (or her church) crush her spirit.

9.10.16, 7:12 PM
I think all of this stems from the belief that boys/men cannot control their sexuality, and the assumption that girls can. Those girls/women who aren't sexually controlled are either out to snag a boyfriend, go on welfare, get an abortion, or drag someone around just for the child support. If any of this were true about women, then why should any male have sex with a female outside marriage? If a girl is trying to pressure her boyfriend into having sex with her, then shouldn't the logical thing for the boy to do is to break up and care nothing about "feelings"?
I keep asking these people that hate abortion or welfare how these women can get laid, but a 38-year-old like me can't get a date.

9.12.16, 11:05 PM
And yet another Quiverfull from a (now cancelled) TLC show gets busted. As I said in another post, conservatives seem to talk so much about strict disciplinarianism seem to be absent when it comes to sexual discipline.


9.17.16, 1:21 AM
I knew the Willis family had a bunch of kids, but didn't know they were with the Quiverfull sect. I didn't watch their TLC show, but did see them on America's Got Talent and they were good performers. Even though I don't know the circumstances of what the interlude was with an "under age" girl and how old she might have been....he was married and read that he had fled when the story broke recently. So, I would guess the girl made some kind of complaint at some time which tipped authorities. Not very good on that background check, TLC!

9.17.16, 5:41 AM
My guess is they needed some oddball Christian family to fill the void when the Duggars were outed. Some people are now considering calling it "Touching Little Children". I still think these people belonging to these minor Christian denominations/cults are trying to make themselves out to be the "new normal" by making themselves out to be people of morals.

And to think people complained about that show with the Muslims in Dearborne.

9.25.16, 2:03 AM
That makes sense...TLC...lol. As to the show with Muslims in Dearborne...I did watch that and I think it would help to have more shows like that. I was not around during WWII when the fear of Japanese Americans led to the internment camps, but I would guess it's the same kind of irrational atmosphere today for some about Muslims. Same as when school desegregation began and when "white flight" to the suburbs began as white folks feared having to share schools/neighborhoods with black folks.

When people segregate themselves into a thought process of what they perceive as protectionism from others.... all it does is stagnant their world into a what they believe is a safe microcosm, but which actually stunts their ability to learn about others and who they might find out they are not all as scary as they once thought.