View Full Version : IRS may start taxing Televangelists.

8.27.16, 4:43 AM
You can thank John Oliver for this one.

http://uproxx.com/tv/last-week-tonight-irs-televangelists/ (http://uproxx.com/tv/last-week-tonight-irs-televangelists/)

8.29.16, 1:41 AM
Many Televangelists have scammed people out of money for years. Remember Oral Roberts when he pitched to his audience that the Lord told him that "He was going to call him home" unless Robert's was able to get his flock to donate 8 million dollars by a certain date? Jim and Tammy Baker living high on the hog with mansions, fancy cars, etc., while they bilked followers (including poor people and those on SS) out of millions of dollars. On and on.

Today, there are just as many other televangelists and Mega-Churches who do the same thing and all are tax exempt. Not to mention some churches who endorse political candidates and encourage their congregation to support them as well.

The Separation of Church and State idea, IMO, shouldn't have to mean it's a way for ones who become rich or actively political under a guise of religious freedom, raking in the dough, but not having to participate in paying a fair share of taxes for the collective common good outside their church.