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8.19.16, 1:39 PM
One of the reasons I like shopping at Amazon are the customer reviews.
Those reviews can make or break a purchase idea for me.
Recently, I have been seeing a lot of reviews (all positive) that end something like this:

"I received this item free or at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review."

Now really, how "honest" are these reviews going to be if the people in question hope to keep getting free or discounted items?
I wish Amazon would only post reviews from satisfied paying customers.

8.20.16, 3:12 AM
I would not trust those reviews.

8.20.16, 10:39 AM
As always, Amazon Customer Service was top shelf when I contacted them about this. Problem solved.

Thanks for taking the time to send us your comments on reviews written for discounted or free items. We’re continually working to improve the shopping experience and ensure we present useful information to customers. I have passed your message along to the team involved with future development of our Communities features. I know they will want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

When a Customer Review is marked "Amazon Verified Purchase," it means that the customer who wrote the review purchased the item at Amazon and did not receive the item for free or at a large discount.

Reviews that are not marked “Amazon Verified Purchase” are valuable as well, but we can’t confirm that the product was purchased at Amazon or that the customer paid a price available to most Amazon shoppers.

Our review filters allow you to sort reviews according to what you are looking for specifically, for example: only Verified Purchase reviews, etc.

To filter reviews, click on the “see all my reviews” button on any product’s detail page. Then choose the filter that will help you the most, in this case "Verified Purchase".

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

8.21.16, 1:29 PM
I write reviews on stuff I've bought from Amazon. I like to write book reviews - especially if the book is awful.

8.22.16, 11:44 AM
Amazon does have great customer service.