View Full Version : Oh, Tom......

8.18.16, 4:50 AM
Have you seen the new Tom Selleck commercial for REVERSE MORTAGES?! I thought those kind of commercials were mostly done by retired actors not those who are still acting. Selleck stars in the very popular Blue Bloods. I am sure he gets a very hefty paycheck for his efforts so he couldn't be doing it for the money. Viewers can see him every Friday night on CBS and on reruns almost every day on various cable channels so he doesn't need the media exposure. All I can say is why?
It would not seem that Police Commissioner Frank Regan, a man who is blessed with much wisdom and a strong moral fiber would approve of an actor shilling for a reverse mortgage company.

8.18.16, 7:43 AM
That's awful! Not to mention, those reverse mortgages are sometimes just scams. Tom is better than that!!