View Full Version : Russia, Trump, and Wikileaks.

8.11.16, 4:29 PM

8.13.16, 1:19 AM
The secret is pretty much out that Putin dislikes Clinton and would rather not have her as US president...and that Trump has played into Putin's hands once The Donald found out Putin complemented Trump. After all, Trump is all about putting himself 'FIRST" and welcomes adulation in abundance.

If Trump is elected, he will soon find out the Bromance with Putin is only one sided and that one side won't be to Trump's benefit.

8.13.16, 3:57 PM
I've said this before, and I'll say it again. How can someone be a "tough on crime" President, and have connections to the mob?

Now I ask how can he "Make America great again" when he has financial (and then some) ties to Russia?

8.18.16, 2:06 AM
Good questions and those accusations do seem to have legs. Also, the remark by Trump saying he's the "law and order" candidate has me stumped. Where are his credentials where he has ever been a part of any legit police or law enforcement background? Other than his lawsuits against himself or against others?

Trump just spouting diatribes and platitudes without substance doesn't make him or any one an expert on anything. I continue to be baffled by his supporters who seem to be willing to dismiss the fact that Trump is a low information candidate and is not willing to learn. Even if one thinks the country is going in the wrong direction, why would someone choose a candidate who is so obviously lacking in serious information and is OK with that?

8.18.16, 8:26 PM
I think it's part of the authoritarian nature of the right wing. Put one's self in a position of religious/moral authority in those communities, but be a rotten person otherwise, all you have to do is claim you seek forgiveness from God and you can get away with just about anything. It could range from the local church pastor to someone seeking the Presidency.

What I find strange is that these people claim to be "independent minded" people and yet they cling to organized religion, certain industries (I.E.: coal/oil), "traditional" ways of living, and routinely fall for people who don't have their best interests in mind, even though it is not working in their favor.