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8.11.16, 12:53 PM
I was reminded today of why I taught my kids never to say "I know" in response to anything.
One of them had a friend who said it all the time and it really sounded snotty.
"You look pretty today Whitney"..."I know".
"We are going to get some ice cream"..."I know".
"Connor likes to play with you"..."I know".

It is a really degrading response as well, implying that you were stupid for mentioning what you mentioned. I was copied on an email about a payment check and I responded to our accounting person saying "that check came in yesterday's mail". Response..."I know".
The only reason I mentioned it is that once when I emailed scanned copies of payment checks, she didn't get the email for some reason.
I refrained from emailing her back and saying "Well, I know you know because I am the one that emailed you the freaking copy of the check. But since you had email problems with payment checks before, I thought I would mention that the check came in case you missed it. Begging your freaking pardon."
And they ask me why I drink. :rolleyez:

8.11.16, 1:37 PM
You're so right about "I know". It's up there with "no problem" on my irritant list.

You know? ;-)

8.11.16, 2:18 PM
I know, huh? Sorry, I couldn't resist. :o
My pet peeve is, "really?" I had a roommate who used to always respond with that.

Me: I'm going to the store.
Her: Really?
Me: (Thinking to myself) No, I just said that to hear my own voice, but ignore the car keys in my hand and the grocery list in the other.

8.12.16, 8:56 AM
Most replies from my 15 year old nephew are, I know or Idk.

8.12.16, 10:06 AM
I must live in a cave. I have never heard the "I know" response. I hear, "I know, right?" a lot but that's in response to something like, "Ray Donovan was great last night...." "I know, right?" It's dumb even then.

8.12.16, 11:38 AM
My cousin's husband, Larry loves to learn new things, but he's usually a little behind the rest of us and his new things are old to most. But, he loves to tell about it anyway like its the best thing since sliced bread. I have to force myself not to answer with an "I know" in this case as I don't want to come off sounding sarcastic. To me, that's what this term often sounds like, especially when you answer a text or something in writing with "I know."

8.12.16, 12:07 PM
I couldn't resist posting this... ;)


8.12.16, 12:37 PM
Ha ha ha!! Classic.

8.12.16, 5:06 PM
mtj, you can slap me, but I had to use "I know" and in a sarcastic way today. One of my classmates has a family owned pizza parlor that he has expanded to 5 restaurants in our area. He just opened his new Firehouse Grill here in town next to the original pizza place. I have been talking about this for months and last week, Anthony told me that the restaurant was opening this week. I relayed all of this information to my cousin. Today, she tells me all about the new restaurant that just opened and how Anthony was the owner etc.... She acted like I knew nothing about it, so sadly, I had to say, "I know, Denise, this is what I have been telling you about for months now." It's so hard to remain nice sometimes.