View Full Version : Hitler's rise to power

8.1.16, 4:24 AM
It had nothing to do with guns, but all to do with attempts to make Germany "Great" again. Take note that opposition parties were too disorganized to oppose him. Sound familiar?


8.1.16, 4:28 AM
www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFICRFKtAc4 (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFICRFKtAc4)

8.3.16, 1:27 AM
Also, lots of similarities to the McCarthy era.

8.7.16, 3:17 AM
I think in times of crisis or apparent social/moral/economic decay, conservative minded people believe some sort of "father figure" is needed to step in, enforce discipline, and make things right again.
However, in traditional/conservative households the father is the dictator of the family.
The CEO is the dictator of his or her company.
Dictators believe the ends justify the means.
A "strict father" beats his wife and children for disobedience.
A CEO fires people for incompetence, and closes up shop when the company isn't performing well or if he or she simply loses interest.

A democratic society cannot be run this way by people like this.

8.10.16, 3:30 AM
That does seem to me why so many are looking at Trump to lead. He says he is the "law and order" tough guy and they oddly accept that from a guy who's true toughness comes from his Tweets or from his lawyer team who are busy suing others on Trump's orders....lol