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7.22.16, 8:41 PM
I was hoping for Elizabeth Warren, but maybe there will be something for her if Hillary Clinton is elected.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-tim-kaine-vice-president_us_577ec219e4b0c590f7e8a3e9 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-tim-kaine-vice-president_us_577ec219e4b0c590f7e8a3e9)

7.24.16, 3:15 AM
Didn't know much about Kaine before, but he gave a very good acceptance speech that impressed me. I am concerned about the new things coming out saying that DNC pulled some strings to favor Hillary over Bernie and how that might affect Bernie supporters. On one hand I can understand the favoritism since Hill has always been a Democrat and Bernie is an Independent running as a Dem, but it doesn't look good. Hopefully, the extreme negativity of Trump will ring true to all who understand he's a charlatan.

7.24.16, 3:44 AM
Whenever anyone says the Democratic Primaries were slanted towards Hillary and it's because of Debbie Schultz or other DNC shenanigans (which is awful but I don't consider them huge factors), I ask them, how is it that with all of the negativity towards Hillary, with all the poll numbers saying Sanders would win, with all the investigations, with all the mistrust of Hillary, how come she won the Primaries and not Sanders?

7.25.16, 2:26 AM
Good question. JMHO, but I think Hill won the primary because of a couple of things. One is name recognition and the other is that she had more appeal to more moderate Dems who were leery of Sanders more progressive platform. I think the Clinton name was/is still huge factor and that Hill, until all this email stuff, Benghazi, etc., was a very credible public servant. Sanders to begin with had a strike against him with name recognition and being a lifelong independent.

I was glad to see Wasserman Schultz resign today even though I personally like her. In the light of things....it was for the better of all and it was the correct thing to do.

7.25.16, 3:46 PM
This is something that was written by JuLeah Willson. I found this on Facebook.

We have one of the scandals that I predicted.....

Everybody please forget for a moment that we have a Nazi knocking on the door and focus your attention on Debbie
... Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who wants to build a wall and kick out tens of thousands of people
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who has been endorsed by the Klu Klux Klan and the NRA
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who believes All Nations should have nuclear weapons and would consider bombing England
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who wants to repeal Obamacare and dissolve same-sex marriage and ensure that the NRA has voice in selecting the Supreme Court Justices
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who believes Mexicans are rapists and black people are fundamentally lazy and Muslims are terrorists
Everybody please forget that we have at the candidate who started the birther movement and was responsible for much of the racist obstruction of President Obama
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who believes women should be punished for having abortions and all Planned Parenthoods should be closed
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who supports christian-based education and our Public Schools
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who admires and respects the leadership style found in North Korea and Russia
Everybody please forget that we have a candidate who doesn't understand International policy who doesn't understand Economic Policy ..... doesn't understand how our government works.... and who can't find most countries on a map
Everybody please forget that leaders from around the globe are calling President Obama to express their genuine Terror of a trump presidency... And people in every nation are holding their breath waiting to see if we are going to fuck up or not because ....their future is in our hands... This election has Global consequences and we are playing games with Debbie
We are fighting about pant suits and emails... Throwing temper tantrums .... refusing to vote... Voting for The Green Party... Believing in ourselves entitled to vote our conscience knowing full well that that will ensure a trump presidency
We Believe ourselves so entitled to do what we want that we don't believe we have to consider how this election will impact the rest of the world
This is the first Scandal of many scandals we are going to be faced with
So far we have responded with all of the maturity I expected
We ought to be ashamed of ourselves... but I don't think we have enough wisdom to know that

7.26.16, 1:33 AM
Thank you! Wilson's words are some that I hope all those "Never Hillary" Sanders supporters will read or hear as far as those either deciding to not vote, vote for a third party candidate (which is an indirect vote for Trump) or vote for Trump. We can all understand the well intentioned passion that some voters have for particular candidates, Dem or Rep, but this election is more than hurt feelings. This is about not allowing a racist, egocentric, etc., blowhard who offers only platitudes without policy or substance to be the leader of this country and the free world.

As to the Convention tonight it was a stark difference between last week's convention of doom and gloom and this week's. Powerful and uplifting speeches by Booker, Warren, the FLOTUS and Sanders. A night of hopefulness, working together positively in comparison to the prior bleak, dark, us against them GOP convention.

7.26.16, 3:36 AM
Seems to me the Bernie groups want the idea of Bernie Sanders, but not the man. The Bernie Sanders I know is wise enough to know that third parties go nowhere in the US but is more pragmatic than people give him credit for. These people need to realize that they need someone in the White House that is more willing to listen to them, Donald Trump will probably shut them out for at least 4 years.

Another thing I should mention about the E-mail leak, I think all this does is give some vindication over something the Bernie Or Bust people have suspected in their minds. Asides from this, it changes nothing. The Bernie Or Bust crowd have already made their decision for the most part.
Yes, Debbie Schultz has been sidelined as a result, but again, very little has changed. The DNC has already changed things as far as how Superdelegates are utilized and such, and much of Bernie's platform has been adopted.

What should be more alarming is a foreign intelligence agency and a hacker database being used to undermine the DNC and skew things in favor of Trump. If Clinton or Obama did something like this, they would have been crucified.