View Full Version : D-llst celeb were all Trump could get for 1st night of the convention

7.20.16, 1:53 AM
The past several GOP candidates, current officials and even past two GOP presidents decided not to attend, but the celeb picks of the night: Scott Baio and Antonio Sabata Jr, who the later shared his knowledge to CNN of Obama being a true Muslim and not a Christian.

"Charles in Charge" and a Chippendale stripper/soap actor/reality person. Wow! Surely must be bowling over America to get on the Trump train now! Not to mention the embarrassing copycat speech by Mrs. Trump of Michelle Obama's 2008 one and the Trump bunch trying to tie the controversy to Hillary's camp. That's just beyond stupid as Milania clearly parroted Michelle's words.

7.20.16, 5:09 AM
I had to shout out "YOU WERE A STRIPPER! MOST OF THE PEOPLE YOU ARE TALKING TO DON'T CONSIDER THAT A JOB!" When I heard them comparing the two speeches when they were showing that on a gossip/chat show in one of the break rooms before I left work.

PS: I don't want Charles in charge anymore.

7.21.16, 2:17 AM
LOL...no Charles in charge for me either.

The "show" continues with Ben Carson's stating Hillary's admiration of Lucifer, Christie's judge and jury showboat attacks with the crowd chanting "Lock her Up" (send Hill to prison) and the guy (a state Rep?) standing beside Trump declaring that Hillary should be shot for "treason" (guy is now under investigation). The GOP convention is nothing more than a witch hunt of Clinton and facts don't matter.

This is all out of control and crossing any line of common decency!


7.21.16, 2:27 PM
I thought "small governmments" don't have kangaroo courts, political prisoners, witch hunts, and looks the other way when prominent politicians delete sensitive emails. It should be obvious what they want is "big governments", not small.

7.24.16, 3:48 AM
Looks like not a lot of people watched this convention.


7.25.16, 2:33 AM
I watched some of it and found it all a dank, dark 'The sky is falling", sad, scary, viewpoints and ultimate blessing of a proposed dictator-in-chief who only has platitudes and did not share any plans as to how to bring about said changes.