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7.18.16, 12:52 PM
Apparently this couple is big into recycling and not wasting things.
I am fine with everything they did except the past the due date food.
They say everyone said how "tasty" it was but you run the risk of getting people sick when you use food that is past it's due date.


7.18.16, 1:12 PM
Oh no! I wouldn't feel comfortable eating at this wedding either.

7.18.16, 10:26 PM
I wouldn't feel comfortable eating it and really uncomfortable serving it to guests.
One thing that seemed such a waste to me at both my children's weddings is that all the left over food was not wrapped and given to the family. We paid for the food. I was told because they can not be responsible for any food that leaves the premises. They said the food was tossed out. I said I hope they at least let the workers take it home. My son and his bride had a huge cheese, crackers, and fruit table. It was barely touched. There was also a lot of chicken and ham I seen go back. At my daughter's wedding the food was so good everyone went up for seconds. I don't think much was wasted from the dinner. Her wedding cake was cut and served. Later a table of sweets came out, it was barely touched.

7.18.16, 10:40 PM
Her wedding cake was cut and served. Later a table of sweets came out, it was barely touched.

I have to wonder about the planning of this. After people have eaten a meal and had cake, why would they go for a table of sweets?

Cheese, crackers and fruit are generally not as well received as hot appetizers. But the cheese, crackers fruit thing usually presents as a less expensive option, so people go for it.

And a big BULLSHIT to "they can not be responsible for food that leaves the premises". Restaurants and caterers donate leftover food to food banks all the time.

7.19.16, 1:34 AM
After the reception at my mom's funeral, the caterer wrapped everything up nicely and sent it home with me. I had tons of food, but the good thing was that I still had a lot of family in town, so we didn't have to worry about food that evening or the next day. I also sent much of it home with some of my friends who weren't staying in town. So, unless there is some kind of rule in your area that caterers can't send it home, I think it's BS too. And I agree, if you paid for the food, it's yours to keep.

One of my best friends is a wedding planner so I'll ask her what their policy is. I'm thinking they let the family have the food since she is the one who organized this event and the caterer is one she uses all the time. But, I'll ask.

7.19.16, 6:20 AM
This is an interesting thread from another discussion forum about leftovers from a wedding buffet. An interesting point is made, restaurants box up food for you to take home all the time without there being an "liability" involved.


7.19.16, 7:55 AM
I was telling some relatives the next day that the hall refused to give us the leftovers from our son's wedding. A cousin who had not attended his wedding hear the story and called me. She had used the same hall a year earlier for her second wedding. She said her new husband threw such a fit they wrapped up everything and carried it to their car for them. She said he was yelling he'd sue them and he wasn't leaving without the food he paid for. It would have been nice to have the leftovers for guests and share with the family but I wasn't going to have a fit to get them. :)

7.19.16, 10:58 AM
I'll pass on this wedding. Out of date food? Are you kidding me!!!

7.19.16, 11:24 AM
Well, I guess I can see where there would be a liability in a wedding reception situation vs. a restaurant. The food does sit out much longer at a wedding. In my case, we really weren't at the hall very long.

7.19.16, 12:30 PM
The best thing at my cousin's wedding last month was the s'mores table they brought out later that night. They had every kind of chocolate and marshmallow and graham crackers you could imagine. The table had two flames on it (sterno lamps) and skewers. I lived there.

7.19.16, 2:05 PM
The food is not supposed to sit out a long time at a buffet. It's supposed to be rotated so it does not spend hours on the table. It food is sitting out for hours at a time, someone is not doing their job.