View Full Version : Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

7.12.16, 3:14 PM
It's about time!

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-endorses-hillary-clinton_us_56e98f60e4b0b25c91841bdd?ncid=fcbklnkus hpmg00000063 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-endorses-hillary-clinton_us_56e98f60e4b0b25c91841bdd?ncid=fcbklnkus hpmg00000063)

7.13.16, 2:58 AM
Hopefully a majority of the Sander's group will chose the 'Never Trump" route, but after this last week with the email fiasco ended as far as the FBI is concerned....Hill's poll nos. have dropped. It's still a long way until Nov though.

7.14.16, 12:53 AM
My hope is that she's going to get a boost from the Sanders endorsement when the next polls come out, but I am concerned that there will be people that think Sanders "betrayed" them and drift off to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

7.14.16, 2:13 AM
I hope so, too.....but I can understand why some Bernie folks will go to Johnson or Stein, but if they do I hope they GET it that a third party vote is a vote that only benefits Trump. We've seen it in past elections where a third party candidate becomes the spoiler. I'd love us all to be in a place where there are more choices rather than the two main parties, but we're not there yet. PLUS, who the heck ever heard of Johnson or Stein anyway? They have no where near the exposure that someone like Nader or Perot got in the past. That's one part well played and I give kudos to where Trump. As I understand it, Trump has had aspirations for this office for a long time and he has been crafty in putting himself out there being a reality show star, getting name recognition, a showman.

It has been astounding how he's been able convince conservative voters (and maybe others, too) that he, as a lifelong Dem, longtime supporter/funder (and he said friend) of Bill and Hillary, a not all that religious person, thrice married with alleged affairs, supporter of pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, thought we need better gun control, and so much more....then suddenly the tiger put on different stripes. Just freakin' amazing so many buy it!

7.14.16, 6:51 AM
I think part of it is voter turnout in this country is horrible and currently cannot support a third party. If a third party could harness the numbers of people that don't vote, then maybe it could be viable. But can Independents really be counted on as a singular voting block to form that third party? I keep saying the Republicans are guaranteed a voting block thanks to the NRA and the Christian Right.

Seems to me all he has to do is claim he's "Found Jesus" and all is forgiven from his voter base, especially from Evangelicals. It shows you how naive these people are, a leader claiming they've "accepted Jesus as their lord and savior" and they will obey that person with no question. I keep wondering if this is the reason why things like child molestation keeps getting hidden in churches.

7.16.16, 2:49 AM
100% agree about the voter turn out. It's deplorable that in an open society built on the fundamental right to choose who serves...half the country doesn't bother. For example, I have a friend who I was talking to yesterday and she asked about the election (hates Trump, but thinks Hillary is untrustworthy, too...wondered about my opinion of the third party candidates). She's former military for many years (like before 9-11 to put into perspective and is in her 50's) and had served over seas for many of those years. She said the first time she has ever voted was for Obama (!) and said she was not happy with the results (didn't like Obamacare, etc.). She said she never voted before, because being overseas she didn't know much about past candidates.

Hello?? You get a chance to vote for your boss (Commander in Chief) and don't bother to find out details of who's running??? Arg!

Agree, too....about the Evangelical vote. Wave a Bible and it will open the door for them to support someone, regardless if the candidate is a hypocrite, racist, rich, white older guy who mocks and attacks people who do not agree with him. Citing his favorite Bible quote "An eye for an eye". Oy vey!