View Full Version : The GOP's national health crisis.....

7.11.16, 11:25 PM
Of all the things plaguing our country, be it the police brutality, the problems that minorities, homosexuals, and transgendered people face, our crumbling infrastructure, our stagnant economy, gun violence, and other issues, they pick pornography to be a priority?

And what happened to the "criminals don't obey laws" mantra?
I thought banning things will only add another commodity to the black market, and only liberals "ban things".
Seems to me they are more than willing to defy thier tenets on guns when it comes to enforcing their idea of sexual morality. The only other thing I can think of is they will try some half-ended measure designed to not raise any red flags among the Small Government/Libertarian portion of the Republican base. Just like drug testing and bathroom bills.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/porn-bad-guns-good_us_5783eeeae4b0c590f7ea7a31?amp;section=polit ics?section=politics (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/porn-bad-guns-good_us_5783eeeae4b0c590f7ea7a31?amp;section=polit ics?section=politics)

7.12.16, 2:57 AM
I can and do, as we all do, cry out against child porn and human trafficking which are big industries in the US and around the world. Other than that (and it's not something of interest to me) I don't care if consenting adults watch or make porn. I guess some have addiction problems with it and that has to be something they may choose to address at some point, but to make it a part of a political platform seems to be pretty shallow if they think that's one of the country's biggest problems.

Child porn and human trafficking are criminal matters that already have statutes on the books.