View Full Version : Who's in "Prime" -- Primeday is coming

7.11.16, 11:43 AM
Who's in Amazon Prime (https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/primesignup?tag=w3pgcoffeeroomss)? Or, these days, it's more like who isn't in Prime already?

It's such a great deal and totally turns around how we shop for almost everything.

I also use it for, sort of, remote shopping -- for my Mom in assisted living. It's particularly cool for that because she lives in a one-day shipping area. If she needs something -- just about anything -- and I can't make the hour-and-a-half drive that day, I just order it in Amazon Prime and it gets shipped to her.

Love it when something works, and Prime really does. Yay!

7.11.16, 5:54 PM
I love Prime.
I cancelled it when it jumped to 99 dollars but then rejoined when they ran a 69 dollar special.
I rented some 99 cent movies over the weekend, part of their Prime Day promotional.
I think they should have at least two Prime Days a year.

Another great thing Amazon is doing is sponsoring Amazon Lockers at local merchants.
My grocery store has one.
This is really handy for people who cannot accept packages at work, but are not comfortable having things delivered to their home when they are at work.

7.12.16, 9:14 AM
Has anyone found any good deals? So far, it looks to me like Amazon is having a yard sale. The discounts are not that impressive and the items marked down are a little off (with a few exceptions). I keep trying to justify buying an Echo and cannot convince myself that I should.

7.13.16, 10:11 AM
I like that "two Prime Days a year" idea.

It did seem like a yard sale, LOL. Old fashioned "Fire Sale".

7.13.16, 8:04 PM
I picked up a Fire 7 tablet as an "extra under the tree" Christmas present for one of my kids. It was hard to pass up that deal at $33.00.