View Full Version : Clinton email probe closed

7.7.16, 1:01 AM
It may be closed, but it won't go away any time soon.


7.7.16, 9:21 PM
Of course it won't go away, they'll just investigate something else about her, and of course the right wing conspiracy theorists will eat it up. They want to indict Hillary on something that will destroy her chances of winning the Presidency through a fair election because odds are, they can't win, probably not with Donald Trump as their nominee, or anyone else they have in mind.

This is why I say Hillary's VP choice should be someone like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. (I like Cory Booker, but he's too nice)
Someone who Wall Street or the Republicans cannot afford to have as President as a consequence of removing Hillary Clinton from office.

7.11.16, 2:05 AM
For sure there is now going to be a state investigation for those who say Clinton lied under testimony to Congress and try to get her on those charges. Interesting how many Republicans are now going after Comey after his remarks ending the FBI investigation and who they all formerly endorsed him until his findings were not what they wanted to hear. It'll continues to be a blood bath thru Nov., I'm sure.

I like those picks, too.... but doubt if it will be Sanders or Warren. We'll know soon.